Ice Cubes

Ice Cubes

Bag of 10KG or Bag of 10KG divided into 5 small bags of 2KG

Consisting of + or – 500 ice cubes of 20g each. They are transparent like diamonds thanks to a perfect filtration of the water and a technique of progressive freezing.

Our ice cubes have a frustoconical shape (in the shape of a small hat) which prevents them from sticking together. They are of medium size and are therefore perfect for any type of glass, including the narrowest ones.

In general, our ice cubes are used in long drinks such as vodka-orange or gin tonic but some people like to also utilise them for the cooling of bottles.

Compared to ice cubes made by machines in some restaurants, our ice is low-melting. The ice cubes are also a bit larger in size and more transparent. Also the are “full”, meaning that they are not hollow in the center.

An additional benefit of ordering our ice cubes is that our products all have labels to track down when and where it was produced. Basically, in case the sanitary authorities check your establishment, your ice will satisfy all necessary food norms.

A 10kg bag of ice cubes will cover approximately 250 drinks if you calculate 2 ice cubes per glass (approximately 500 pieces per bag).

These bags are perfect for nightclubs, restaurants,  caterers, bars, shops or private parties where cold drinks and cocktails are served.