Crushed Ice

Crushed Ice

Bag of 10KG or Bag of 10KG divided into 5 small bags of 2KG

Composed of a crushed ice type named “chewblet”, meaning very large granules.

The production process of our crushed ice is similar to the the one of our ice cubes. The water is purified, tested and the finished product automatically packaged. Packaging includes production dates and lot numbers. This is important in case sanitary authorities check your establishment.

Especially appreciated due to their large size, our crushed ice is excellent for making all types of cocktails such as mojitos, caipirinhas, daiquiris and margaritas.

Crushed ice is often preferred to cubes for the cooling of bottles of wine and champagne. our crushed ice granules are low-melting (due to the progressive freezing process we use and also due to their size). Therefore it will take much time for it to melt than a traditional product.

Because they are aesthetically pleasing, our crushed ice often used for the presentation of trays of seafood in cold buffets by caterers, restaurants, fishmongers and event-planners.