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Order Ice Cubes and Crushed Ice

Do you need some ice cubes in order to keep your drinks cold? Some crushed ice to keep the white wine or champagne at good cold temperature?

Just give us a call to try out our ice cubes and our crushed ice or feel free to fill in the form below to set up an adequate delivery time. We are happy to supply shops, restaurants, bars, nightclubs or private parties. Professionals of the food and catering industry are also welcome to order our ice cubes and our crushed ice.

Our pricing is very competitive and our quick service is top-notch. Our ice cubes and crushed ice are always delivered in a cooling van straight to your freezer and right when you need it.

In case you have a special event or if you just don’t have enough room to stock the ice cubes and the crushed ice we put freezers at your disposal.

We make deliveries in the region of Brussels, Brabant Wallon, Mechelen, Nivelles and Antwerp 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We accept orders for ice cubes and crushed ice by phone, email or through our website.

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