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Buy Ice Cubes and Crushed Ice

Tex-Ice is a company that sells ice cubes and crushed ice in Belgium; mainly in Brussels, Antwerp, Nivelles, Liège, Charleroi, Mechelen but also all around Belgium.

Tex-Ice is providing restaurants, bars, events planner, nightclubs, food shops, night shops and other professionals in the catering industry with high quality ice cubes and crushed ice.

Our ice cubes and crushed ice are all produced in Belgium in a modern factory. They are made from UV-filtered water and are guaranteed to respect EU food safety standards. Our ice cubes are crystal clear and do not stick to each other. Our crushed ice are large granules, especially appreciated for cocktails and the cooling of bottles.

The service we offer is very reactive and punctual. You’ll get your ice cubes or crushed ice delivered to you in a refrigerated van right when you need it. We know the importance of timing is in the catering and events industry.

It is because of our qualitative products, sharp service and competitive prices that we have hundreds of satisfied and loyal customers buying our ice cubes and our crushed ice.

You have a shop, a bar, a restaurant? Are you organizing a private event or are you regularly catering for weddings, party’s or any other event where cold drinks are essential? Are you a wholesaler and want to add ice cubes and crushed ice to your offer?

Then don’t hesitate to contact us !

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